Friday, 3 October 2014

Four questions by Daniel O'Mahony, Brighton based Freelance Journalist.

Why should the people of Kemptown vote for you?

As an independent candidate I’m best placed to serve Brighton above and beyond the Conservatives, Labour and Lib-Dem’s because I won't be subservient to the party whip. On such serious issues as going to war, infringements of human rights and fracking, I’ll be able to freely vote based on my principles and convictions, unlike Simon Kirby who as Under Secretary to Jeremy Hunt isn't allowed to vote against Party policy and Nancy Pratts who will do anything Ed Miliband tells her to do.

Born and breed in Brighton, living-first in Hove then Portslade and now Moulsecoomb, I am the perfect voice of the common people. I’m the only candidate who has been raised in poverty, living in Brighton’s council estates and brought up in a single parent family. Now i’m representing the city I love. I work in Brighton, send my kids to school in Brighton and consider Brighton to be the best place in the UK to live.

People should vote for me above everyone else because I am best suited to deliver in Parliament what Brighton wants and needs by the sea.

Do you think your more controversial policy ideas are what the people of Brighton actually want? 

Yes. Brighton has demonstrated with the election of Caroline Lucas as the countries first Green MP that Brigton is at the fore-front of controversial ideas. Brighton is the city where anything and everything happens.

If I’m to win as an Independent MP anywhere in the UK, it would be in Brighton & Kemptown. Simon Kirby won by a 3.8% majority. That's one of the slimmest margins in the UK and considering the Tories are the most hated government in a generation, Brighton & Kemptown is wide open for a controversial political up-set in 2015.

The only reason my ideas are controversial are because there has been such little conversation and debate about their pros, merits and cons. Once people start exploring these controversial ideas, they’ll agree that these are the ideas Brighton needs to succeed in the future.

If an Independent MP is going to be elected anywhere in the UK, it’ll be in Brighton & Kemptown.  

Why do you think Brighton should secede from the UK?

For a better way of life.

If it’s good enough for Scotland, then it’s good enough for Brighton

The disturbing truth of the situation is that the British Establishment has been infiltrated by paedophiles, swindlers, fraudsters and thieves. The evidence suggests that Westminister is a den of thieves whose crimes will see them all in jail for the next thousand years.

Whether you want to believe it or not, Queen Elizabeth II is a convicted criminal in the eyes of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, for crimes against humanity.

She has brought the British Monarchy and country into disrespect with the constant rumours of her families involvement in her daughter-in-law’s fatal car crash, and her continuing patronage of convicted paedophiles such as Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and her private butler, to name but a few.

If the people are serious about having a better way of life, there is no other politican to vote for than me.

I offer a better way of life including:

  • A new £1Trillion economy and sovereign currency.
  • Bulk free energy from Moai Tidal Electric.
  • Sustainable living with Earthships.
  • A cure for cancer with Rick Simpson Oil.
  • Less Crime with citizens on patrol.
  • A better future for all.

If you had the deciding vote in a hung parliament next May, what major party would you go with?

None of the above. I would steer towards making a coalition with other independents, Green, SNP and Northern Ireland MP’s, while encouraging other MP’s to go independent, if more are needed.

The major parties have had their century to get things right and they’ve failed. Not only have they failed they’ve revealed themselves to be the very thieves who have been destroying our country with their greed.

Remember that all the leaders of the mayor political parties are multi-millionaires.

How on earth do public servants become multi-millionaires?

All three political parties signed up to the notion of austerity, when 5 years on the notion of austerity has proven to be a scam with the facts that the national debt has gone up, that there has been more public sector management added, more war and more bonuses to the fraudster bankers.

All three mayor political parties have taken us all for a ride. But now we know and the tables are turning.
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