Wednesday, 6 August 2014


As with everyone I’ve named and shamed while in my endeavors to be elected Brighton Kemptown’s independent MP, none of them have replied, and all remain silent to the very serious claims, allegations and down right abusive name calling I’ve thrown their way.

Take for example Katy Bourne. 

I have called her every name under the Sun and still she remains silent.
When she was elected by her devoted zombie Conservative voters (for no other reason than she was the conservative candidate), there was and still is a petition posted on the 38 degree campaign website calling for the sacking of the then Sussex Chief Constable Martin Richards for covering up for a paedophile friend, the leader of Arun County Council.


What has Katy Bourne said about this? - Nothing!

How can this be allowed in a system in which public officials are meant to answer to the people they represent?

Katy Bourne remains silent over:

  • The fact that Mr Setchfield and Mr Regan claim to have evidence of serious criminality by Martin Richards and that Katy Bourne remains silent is a travesty of her office.
  • Mr Setchfield and Mr Regan aren't the only people to accuse Martin Richard’s of serious criminality.
  • Mr Walson gives even further information but yet Katy Bourne remains silent.

  • I personally wrote to Katy Bourne about my fears that OAP murder witness Joe Neilson was in danger. Katy Bourne remained silent and Joe Neilson was beaten to an inch of his life.

Read more: Sussex Police tried to Kill me.

But still Katy Bourne remains silent.

I haven't even touched upon the on-going cases of serious criminality and dereliction of duty in the Eccy de Jonge and Stefan Coburn cases.

  • How many other cases are out there which I know nothing about?
But yet Katy Bourne remains silent.

And she isn't the only Sussex public servant who remains silent.

What is wrong with these people? Don't they realize that in a Common Law Court the sheer fact they don't challenge these statements, makes them guilty of the very allegations leveled against them.


If someone were to criticize on my character, I’ll defend it to the hilt, but these people don't seem to care.

As long as they are paid vast wages from the public purse and as long as everyone around them are committing public fraud, then they feel safe and secure in continuing what they are doing, without a care in the world what the average voter thinks of it.

They are each a disgrace to Sussex and the people they are tasked to serve.

We all have an amazing opportunity in May 2015 to vote them out of office.

We have an amazing opportunity to boot them out of office now, if only people got angry and demanded immediate action, but the general election of 07 May 2015 will have to do.

We have an amazing opportunity to vote for independence to ensure the failures and corruption of the established political parties isn’t allowed to continue.

Let's not beat around the bush here. Each and every reader of my work knows now that I’m right. My contention that Sussex police are corrupt and that local government in Sussex is equally so has been proven to be true, for the simple fact that no-one disputes me.

I can take a horse to water but cannot make it drink. I can offer up this information but cannot make you think.

Katy Bourne has broken her Oath of Office on too many occasions, but still she remains in office and still she remains silent.

Read more: Katy Bourne breaks her Oath of Office.

I can only do so much; the rest is up to you, the people of Sussex to vote for the right people into positions of power.

The voters of Sussex have been hoodwinked into voting for the likes of Katy Bourne, Simon Kirby, Warren Morgan and many others for far too long.

With the evidence I’ve presented since 2012, I trust you realize you need me and will vote for me on Independence Day 07 May 2015. 


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