Friday, 15 August 2014


"Elizabeth Windsor. To the people of Britain, you should know that she has abandoned you people and all the Common Wealth for her own Private Contracting business."

“David Cameron: You have failed to answer our important letters, now today David Cameron Prime Minister I will write to you one more time, I’ll give you 72 hours to respond, if you don’t respond we have the legal right to seize everything the Queen owns, everything the Rothschild’s bank have linked themselves to the fraud of Queen Elizabeth and also the Vatican and Church.

Just to let you know we are serious in our allegations against anyone who we name and put into the dock box. These 4 people have the right, the legal right to do the same because they are now our partners – we choose them and we are going to let them pick two trustees out of the four and Jaymie and I as trustees are going to replace the Queen as Head Trustee of our indigenous native Hapu in New Zealand.

That’s the original 1884 Trust which Queen Victoria set up for us between us and Britain.

We have four people who are going to Westminster Parliament to challenge David Cameron; your legal possession is now on tender-hooks and Phillip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary of State, you are on notice by me, John Wanoa.” 
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