Thursday, 14 August 2014

Queen Elizabeth II robbed HM Treasury UK put it in EU.

Proposal for Gordon Bowden, John Patterson, George Lee and Matt Taylor to join the Moai Crown Federal State Queen Victoria King William Admiralty Jurisdiction 1830 and 1844 TRUST FUND. The British people and the Commonwealth countries should know publicly now that the Queen has stolen the money out the the TRUST FUND that belongs to MOAI HAPU and the British Immigrants living in New Zealand and taken it into the EU European Union Parliament to create her own NWO New World Order Government fraudulently. This is a case where MOAI will now replace her as HEAD of our HAPU TRUST set up by Queen Victoria in 1844 between British Government Westminster Parliament and MOAI Natives HAPU Sovereign People. She has no legal right as a TRUSTEE to STEAL the BENEFICIARIES Property and Wealth and take it to another Country which she has! Britain has a serious FRAUD Problem on its Hands with the QUEEN, the CITY OF LONDON and the ROTHSCHILD BANKS and VATICAN CITY POPES!
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