Sunday, 10 August 2014


Matt Taylor the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has become the first parliamentary candidate in the country to publicly defend the on-line journalist Chris Spivey’s contention that the Woolwich murder of Lee Rigby was a contrived Mi5 false-flag event.

Exposing himself to public scorn and arrest for questioning the official version of events, Matt Taylor is standing up for the truth and making a stand against the homeland terrorists which now command Westminster and the British government at large.

Directly implicating a number of very important people in his ground-breaking articles ‘The Drummer Man’ and ‘Looking back in Anger,’ including the Prime Minister David Cameron, the Major of London Boris Johnson and the UK monarch The Queen, Chris Spivey has proven beyond doubt that the Woolwich incident was not what we were lead it to believe it was.

Read more: The Drummer Man.

Recently arrested by Essex Police on behalf of Manchester Police, you would have thought Chris Spivey would be serving a custodial sentence for libel and slander by now but no. Shockingly and very illegally, Essex Police raided his home at 1.30am with four police officers on suspicion of harassment.

Rightly angry and appalled Chris Spivey has stuck up two fingers to his illegal bail conditions and published a scathing article ridiculing and degrading the police and government.

“Chris Spivey is right,” contends ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor, “he’s reporting the truth which is self evident by the fact of the illegal arrest and search of his home on suspicion of harassment. Come on, let’s get real, if Chris Spivey was publishing libelous articles against The Queen and Prime Minister he would have been arrested for libel, pure and simple. We are being run by paedophile and corrupt officials and I will be making this the central issue of my election campaign to be elected the Brighton Kemptown MP.”

As Chris Spivey makes clear in his article, “Course, our hypocritical, nonce protecting Prime Minister would want to silence me because my evidence speaks for itself, not to mention the fact that the obnoxious cunt was also an active participant in the fraud.”

And again, “This then is just one example of how your government are mimicking the former East German government of old and turning our police force – that we pay for – into the Stasi.”

And again, “I mean, ask yourself this: Why was it imperative to arrest me at 1.30 in the morning and steal my computers for a misdemeanor, that requires 2 warnings first before the plod can take arrestable action (I have had no warnings), when they could have had a search warrant in less than 24 hours and done it by the book?”

Back to Matt Taylor, “I have no doubt in my mind that Chris Spivey’s articles can and one day, will be used in a court of law to jail David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth II and many more very important people who hide behind authority, but who are in truth, disgusting criminals allowed to prosper under the evil rule of the Windsor/Rothschild royal family.”

“Nothing is what it seems, and it’s imperative that I get into Parliament to make this clear to the Brighton Kemptown constituency.”

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